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Zhenjiang Jinshan Lake Square, the Buddhist bell frame style lighting units

The bell frame, turning table is square in the highest building, special shape and color to become fresh robe of visual focus. The difficulty of lighting is to maximize the concealment of lamps and pipelines. The bell frame lifting height 3.2m, diameter 2.1m of 8 tons of giant bronze bell bell frame is arranged from the top of a narrow beam of light projection, like the stage light close-up.

On the ground to LED underground lamp soft shows elegant quiet Buddhism

Turn to the table with a low power point light embellishment of the structure, direction. Over the years, the transfer of meaning of life and growth in nature

The lower end of the rotary table is provided with 24 brass cylinders which can be driven to rotate, and the upper part of the upper structure of the utility model is concealed to be installed with a high-power LED projection tube.

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