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Buddhist square lighting elements sharing

Buddhist culture with gold, red color, solemn and peaceful, in the case of the treatment of the relationship of color, the color of object, namely red turn by Taiwan, bell frames with high color warm white metal halide lamp lighting control wall, such as stone carving a column with warm yellow light structures. The unified expression for the red and white Buddhist elements; by contrast, a symbol of the secular life of lotus, the main tone for the blue lattice, embedded in the white lotus lotus flower tiles, center of relief as the visual center, with full color fiber; plants and public traffic space with high color neutral platinum halide lighting, to restore the natural color, to reconcile the role.

Buddhist elements tend to lighting solemn steady temperament, the basic static performance, constitute the basic visual scene night stable; lotus symbolizes secular life rich and clever alluring, the dynamic changes of the cocoon to simulate rain duckweed, wind of Lianyuan people like white lilies in the opening sequence, give a person to enjoy the beauty center, lotus flower cameo as the only color color elements of the scene, the dynamic changes of the dramatic nature, the formation of the audience's visual climax.

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