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Lithuania's famous Gothic Church of Santa Ana works: (a)

Indoor and outdoor lighting is not a purely technical challenge. The use of a variety of church spaces, such as ceremonies, concerts, or "free" works of art, are required to meet the needs of lighting design. The church is the most important place where people gather to worship and pray. In addition to the use of pure requirements there are a series of theoretical issues is also critical. In the terms of spirituality and theology, the word "light" can be interpreted in different ways.

Light has become an integral part of the church building, at least from the Gothic era, not only because of its mysterious meaning. The design of light in these spaces requires careful balancing of daylight and electric light sources. Natural light is considered to be of special significance in a particular space in the church. For example, around the altar, light is a key design element. Architectural historians and church historians tend to convey the meaning of the history of light as the meaning of religious architecture, so it is important to clarify the meaning of this idea in the historical process of the sacred building. Many people regard the lighting of religious buildings or the lighting of religious buildings as the ultimate knowledge in this field.

The connection between everything in the building or the lighting design of a church building requires considerable sensitivity. Few pure technical solutions meet the requirements. It is helpful, and sometimes even critical, to have awe and respect for the aesthetics and authenticity of the church architecture for the lighting design of the place of worship.

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