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Dietenhofen Church: light and glass, simple visual impact (two)

Different angles of blue glass embedded in the walls of the church, the outside light filtered into the church from the glass, washing the oval of the Holy land. The church has a double shell, the first layer is made up of 384 pieces of scale like glass, after rigorous testing to ensure the stability and stability of the church. These glasses not only in the inside of the window to form a different mesh texture, and cleverly hide the structure behind the decoration. The inner shell is made up of 288 pieces of hand-painted or colored decorative glass windows, which do not bear the load, but people and beautiful colors close to each other. This hand blown red, blue, green and gold glass brought a sense of intimacy: the West has a particularly vertical red area, east area is relatively vertical blue and green phase; and the level of regional echoes North Golden is blue area south of. The church in the space and atmosphere can give people a strong impact in the colors is extremely simple, around the cross and wrote verses of the glass, prayer can freely communicate with god.

Compared with the natural light is the designer in the design of artificial light is very cautious. Artificial lighting consists of a series of light emitting elements for reading. It would be perfect if the lights were not glare, but this meant that a cylindrical shield had to be chosen to avoid the spread of light around it, and the consideration of the importance of the lamp was too much. And the other way of ceiling layout is more harmful than visual. Some of the upward light is placed in the cylinder. On the other hand, installing fluorescent lamps on the ceiling is a good solution.

The night lighting of the church's exterior walls is carefully designed, though not coherent. Only two buried lights on a circle around the lighting. The entrance to the first glance looks very interesting, but in the eyes of professional lighting designers may be a flaw.

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