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Hangzhou library new lighting design

Hangzhou library is located in the northwest corner of the Hangzhou civic center consists of outer ring at the podium, on the ground floor and the cell layer, the total construction area of 43680m2, with 2200 reading seats, collection size over 2 million copies, second to none in the domestic library in the same.

The modern Hangzhou library has adopted the advanced design idea, and has been involved in many high-tech means. No self checkout system, non-contact automatic identification technology, the coverage of the wireless broadband network, intelligent lighting system, which is a major feature of the human body induction LED lighting system used on the shelf. When the system detects a reader bookshelf, will automatically open LED lighting above the bookshelf, convenient for readers to read the books on the shelves or the nearest residence time, the readers on the shelf, the control system will keep LED lighting, when the reader off the shelf a certain distance, in the absence of detection control system to the reader a close, LED will automatically shut down the light delay some time, in order to achieve maximum energy saving.

The system is designed and constructed by Hangzhou Kai Kai Lighting Appliance Co., ltd.. Light source with high power LED particles OSRAM imported, from chip manufacturing to packaging are completed by the German OSRAM company, Germany quality assurance of the performance of the light source with high brightness, high luminous efficiency and stability. The matte surface aluminum lamp not only has soft appearance, excellent tactility and solves the heat dissipation problem of LED: a frosted acrylic filter film special smooth added, to solve the problem of LED close lighting glare. Taking into account the special environment and atmosphere of the library, the requirements of the installation of physical damage can not be damaged shelves, lamps and controllers are used in small volume, and hidden in the shelves of the blind spots of the location. The company is equipped with the sensor design from Kai sensing range adjusting device, can adjust the sensing range size, sensing range of different size requirements at the same time, the shelves, lamps and sensor installation using a special tape of 3M company, to speed up the progress of the installation, to avoid damage during the construction of library shelves and open normal demand.


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