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Musashino Art University Library: a huge box

This is Japan's prestigious Musashino art university library area, the two layers of the 6500m2 library is like a huge box, will be available for collection of open shelf and closed shelves reading the books every 100 thousand copies. Have a very unique indoor layout of Tokyo Musashino Art University Library, used as a whole wall of shelves, with curly shape extended to outdoor.

During the day, natural light shines through the skylight in the ceiling. In order to make the sun light to illuminate the entire library, under the roof hanging multilayer transparent polycarbonate board. The 3D-CG lighting simulation, we estimate the sunlight in different seasons and time of day, calculated for artificial lighting lighting effects, so as to evaluate and select the use just on the ceiling of the diffuse material.

Between the shelves, in addition to hanging in the sky, but also hung 200 incandescent bulbs. The height and density of these bulbs are random, as if the stars in the Milky way. This "galaxy" can weaken the pressure brought by the heavy summer vacation and create a comfortable atmosphere.

Unlike the day, the evening's artificial light creates a special effect on the depth of field by emphasizing the stacked shelves. The basic function of the vertical surface of the bookshelf is set to be three weak, medium and strong. Each shelf is set on the most effective brightness to achieve aesthetic and guidance of the dual role. Through the brightness adjustment create shelf shadow flickering beauty, aesthetic and function has been unified reflected here. At the same time, the reduction of wall illumination can reduce energy consumption.

The appearance of lighting, through the window can be seen in the library with the shelves and reflected in the glass on the green to the sky, a beautiful contrast.


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