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Lighting engineering terminology

As a lighting, must have some basic knowledge and understand some of the city lighting engineering, lighting lighting engineering terms to know how much LED you?

The efficiency of lighting (Lm/W) flux = (Lm) / power consumption (W)

Intensity (I): luminous flux in the specified direction within the unit solid angle emitted by. Unit: Candela (CD)

(70): light flux emitting light emitted by the body total per second, namely light quantity. Unit: lumen (Lm)

Illumination (E): light irradiation in the luminous flux per unit area of the illuminated objects. Unit: lux (Lm/m2)

Brightness (L): luminous flux in the specific direction of unit solid angle per unit area. Unit: NT (cd/m2) article "2015 LED lighting lighting engineering terminology, you know 5.html

Average life expectancy (H): refers to the number of hours a light bulb does not light damage to fifty percent of the number of.

Color (Ra): compared to daylight, the source of the object color is called the degree of color, color fidelity is lighting.

Utilization coefficient (CU): we will work on the surface to receive the ratio of total light flux and light flux.

Economic life (H): in considering damage and beam attenuation lighting conditions, the output beam is reduced to a certain proportion of the number of hours. This proportion of outdoor light source is 70% for indoor light sources such as fluorescent light is 80%.

Maintenance factor (MF): the definition of maintenance coefficient of K is: after a period of time after work, the average illuminance on a work surface of the system (i.e. maintenance intensity) and average illuminance when the newly installed system (i.e. initial illuminance ratio).

Color temperature (K): is the absolute temperature of K (Kelvin) that is a standard blackbody heating, the temperature rises to a certain degree of color change from red to pink, began to change, orange white, blue white, blue, gradually changing, using characteristics of the color change, color and a blackbody light source at a temperature of the same color, we will at the time of the absolute temperature blackbody called the light source color temperature.

Glare: sight range high brightness objects or strong brightness contrast, can cause visual discomfort called glare. Glare can be divided into the loss of glare and discomfort glare, glare is an important factor affecting the quality of urban lighting engineering.


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