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Bridge lighting engineering construction notes

0 determine the location of lamps

As the bridge lighting project is completed after the completion of the construction of the bridge has been the construction of new lighting, lighting engineering is mainly to highlight the shape of the bridge, to beautify the purpose of the city night scene.


The location of the lighting fixture directly affects the actual effect and the difficulty of maintenance and management. Lamps on both sides of the bridge layout is too high, light radiation, background effect is not obvious; at the same time, if the location is too high lighting lamps,

Lamps vulnerable to external damage, security risks and operational maintenance costs increase. The lamp installation position is low, construction operation and maintenance after the difficulty, and the bridge due to the increase in light of the far view, poor effect.

0 bridge, catheter layout

The bridge and the bridge should be laid on the bridge, and the damage and influence of the existing bridge structure during the installation of the bridge and the support of the pipe should be paid attention to. Therefore, in the construction process, the installation of the hole in the installation of the timely use of epoxy mortar closed, to reduce the damage to the structure.

0 lamps and equipment installation

The equipment is the bridge lamps and lighting engineering, lighting and general working environment, the vast majority of open-air operations, lighting and equipment installation in the process of bridge lighting, lamps and equipment to be fully prepared to line anti aging, rain proof etc..

0 lighting and equipment security facilities

The bridge lighting construction is in the existing construction structure outside the new lighting installation project, the new content for the next installation, and part of the lamp body is small, inevitably influenced by man-made damage and impact. In order to maintain the safety of the use of lamps, to reduce the damage to the part of the lamp with a safety fence and protective cover, the lamp, the necessary protection of the catheter to reduce man-made damage.

0 safety management of bridge construction

City bridge lighting construction, safety management is difficult. On the one hand, as the main thoroughfare of the city, the traffic is heavy, the traffic is large, and the construction is seriously disturbed by the outside world. On the other hand, the bridge is under the current through the bridge, and the bridge lighting is located on both sides of the bridge lamps, the need to work, high risk. Therefore, in the construction process, safety management is difficult, high production safety requirements.

As one of the most important parts of the urban landscape, bridge lighting engineering can be said to be a mutual relationship between the bridge and the urban landscape. The significance of its existence is not only to meet the transportation needs of the city, but also to reflect a city's humanistic style and the pattern of the main body. So a good bridge lighting project is very necessary.


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