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Ideal building exterior wall lighting project

Building exterior lighting engineering is not arbitrary, want what kind of light can, need comprehensive consideration of various factors, the choice of light source and illumination lamps, even the selection is very important. And sometimes the actual lighting effect and ideal difference is very far, this situation and how to avoid it?

1, decided to light effect

Building exterior lighting engineering because of its different appearance and may produce different lighting effects, or uniform feeling, or feeling strong shading; can be a plain style, or a lively representation, according to attributes of the building itself to decide.

2, choose a suitable light source

Source selection should consider the factors of color, color rendering, efficiency, life etc.. Light color and the color of the building's exterior walls have a considerable relationship, in general, the brick, brown stone is more suitable for the use of warm light to illuminate, the use of light source for high pressure sodium lamps or halogen lamps.

3, determine the required illumination

Required illumination mainly depends on the surrounding environment and building materials light color depth. Recommended illuminance values for the main elevation. In general, the illumination of the secondary facade is half of the main facade, and the difference between the two faces can be used to show the sense of the building.

4, select the appropriate lamp

Light light distribution angle is larger generally square, circular lamps small angle. Wide angle lamp is more uniform, but not suitable for long distance projection; narrow angle type lamp is suitable for the projection of the distance, but the uniformity is poor when used in close range.

Number 5, illumination and lighting calculation

After the above steps are completed, according to the selected light source, lamps, the installation position of the condition of illumination calculation to determine the number of landscape lamps, so after the completion of the installation effect can be as close as possible to the desired. The appearance of the building is reflected by the projection of light at night, and the effect of the building will be the same as that of the day. Therefore, in the design of LED lighting engineering, we do not necessarily need to get the same effect as during the day, it is important to show the characteristics of the building.


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