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Basic lighting

For lighting effects, one is for the environment in normal life, work to influence, the other is the contrast effect to the surrounding environment, decorative. In other words, it has two categories from the function, one is the practical effect, the two is the decorative effect.

Especially for the hall, front desk, or is the home of the living room decoration, the place for the two aspects of the requirements are very high, be sure to choose the right. This place, the main installation of the following categories of lighting options:

1 lights: as the name suggests, its existence is mainly proceed from the practical, the decoration does not pay attention to. Is generally aimed at a specific lighting lighting requirements, such as work, look at a computer. For general requirements of lighting, basically the use of such. Is also the most basic.

2 background light: This is like a picture of the whole brightness, it is mainly from the brightness as a whole, there is a certain extent, is mainly used to heighten the atmosphere of the place. This is widely used, a number of shops, stores often use.

3 display lights: from the name that can be read, also is to show a good use. Therefore, this kind of lighting, only for a particular part of the lighting.

4 fluorescent lamp: use it when placed in the lamp box, because of its high brightness, can not be adjusted, so it is better to use the floodlight.

5 low voltage halogen lamp: high quality lighting clear bright enough, but the short service life and high power consumption.

In the selection of different lighting materials in different places is different, must be due to the application of material. To consider the economic costs, the results presented. For example, the glass, transparent plastic lamps can form a rich atmosphere of exquisite tick.

Using chrome plating and nickel plating metal making lamps can show a strong sense of modern. Natural materials such as stone, ceramics, bamboo lamps, often give people a sense of intimacy.


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