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Lighting engineering and lighting technology

As mentioned above in the definition of "lighting", lighting to help people's vision, the better it is, the more accurate visual information, it can be said that it is the basic guarantee of vision.

It is the basic theory of lighting engineering, applied to the practice of lighting technology.

Lighting is light, and light is one of the main body, so from the planning to the whole process of the use of lighting can not forget the characteristics of people, also should be considered for our shuttle to protect the environment, save energy and resources and other issues.

The development of lighting has been supported by scientific and technological progress:

Physiology, psychology, and ergonomics related to human action and life;

Architecture and civil engineering related to lighting facilities;

Physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronic engineering related to the production and distribution of light, the first chapter

With the use, use, control of Information Engineering

Electrical equipment technology,

The application of the optical radiation of medical, agriculture, aquaculture and other industries. Lighting is associated with such a wide range of cities that it is a means of conveying visual information.

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