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Fundamentals of lighting design efficiency and economy

When the economy of lighting equipment is accounted for, most of the operating cost is electricity. In order to maximize the lighting efficiency, it is necessary to make a comprehensive judgment. In addition, not just price, efficiency and the earth's environmental problems are inseparable. Since 1970, with the population growth and the improvement of living standards, people for limited resources is limited, available energy, environmental pollution problems associated with the use of powder of resources and energy, have been discussed extensively. Lighting should also seriously consider these issues.

At present, the study of the efficiency of the luminous efficiency (flux / power), the study of the visual characteristics, the relationship between the illuminance and the production efficiency are all studied. In addition to the increase in illumination at the same time, full consideration of the cost reduction. In order to coordinate with the environment for the purpose of lighting technology development is also in progress. Air conditioning equipment, architectural design and lighting coordination issues in the design stage is also on the agenda. Including the cost of building a comfortable environment and so on, the use of integrated economic facilities is increasing.

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