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Definition of lighting the definition of illumination by various dictionaries

Here are some definitions of "lighting" in various dictionaries.

Illumination (lighting) is based on people's lives, activities for the purpose of the use of light, such as:

Illuminate the visual object and its surroundings;

The use of light in the quiet atmosphere and sense;

Third, through the signal, logo, panels and electrical signs to convey information, highlighting the light source itself;

In addition, radiation is used for human life and activities for purposes such as:

Not only the use of visible light, but also the use of ultraviolet, infrared.

The first, the lighting is narrowly defined, can correctly see "visual objects" or using light Huayi dyeing atmosphere book in a broad sense, should include the body of life, biological effect of visual and optical information, entangles the outside, visible light and infrared and other parts.

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