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Lighting devices: memory flowers (two)

From the design point of view, it is interesting to transform a living object into something that can bring us pleasure and beauty. In the park on display when we pursue the size and quantity of the visual presentation; we hope also emphasized the individual significance of the exhibition, they can be used to take home, both decorative and function, can close to life. Therefore, the work is not only a public works.

Lighting devices: memory flowers (two)

We will start from the surrounding colleagues and friends to collect the old CD, in fact, under the scrutiny of each CD has its own characteristics, such as can be seen in the master of the data recorded on the number of. When the audience can watch the light Festival, appreciate its visual effects, but also can be approached, to see the difference between each individual one is far different from the view of the effect of light and look at the near. If the CD is taken away, it seems to take away the memory of a stranger.

As an architect, I pay more attention to the experience of space, this is a complementary and the design ideas. We do the construction of ecological architecture, the use of building materials, pay attention to its environmental characteristics, but also with the same starting point.

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