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Appreciation of "cocoon" architectural lighting design

I've always been interested in the cocoon, and even infatuation. It exudes a sense of mystery. I want to create a big guy with an unnatural scale. Of course, I think, if it is a simple amplification scale is only a form and scale performance, is not what I want to express. I wish to express the state of chaos, full of uncertainty and uncertainty. And that is precisely the fear of the people, because the unknown is the most terrible. Of course, different audiences have different solutions to the same piece of work, which comes from different intellectual and emotional. I think a good creation is relatively accurate to convey the author's thinking at the same time, but also for the audience to set aside their own extended space.

Appreciation of "cocoon" architectural lighting design

As a basic part of the work, the visible part of the building is a kind of metaphor of life, which is an inseparable part of a work. In the evening, the effect of the light breathing makes the cocoon vivid and dramatic.


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