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Beijing sequence R& water fish light appreciation

Sequence R:

The LED lamp is more and more and the display screen consisting in our vision of life, but still expensive, daunting. We hope to use simple materials and advanced technology It is quite common for the lighting grafting idea, the mineral water bottles are arranged in an orderly manner by the large wall, monochrome LED neatly arranged on the cover, through program control, do not show off, colorful, dynamic, there is no change, but the new chastity, giving a strong visual impact and spiritual shock.

The bottle is composed of monochrome LED display by a single frame, tourists can be used to pick up the empty bottle Bi or replacement of a souvenir, and these empty bottles will cap screw on the LED device has become a part of the screen.

Fish in water:

By 20 high glass arranged in a matrix, each glass inside the LED special chip to hide the light. During the day the sun is no different from ordinary glass, night fell, there is a spot on the glass, from the front, 20 pieces of glass on the composition of the LED is a fish to swim to you. And the reflection of the light spot to the rest of the glass medium of light, like the sea water vapor, blisters, around the stolen fish, foil the slender fish in the water coagulation.

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