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Illumination of light, special structural form (1)

Light is very important to the building, the building itself needs sunlight or light to shape, so architects pay more attention to light. Particular attention will be paid to the light in a special way, such as in the vicinity of the office, a cable suspended from the sky to the space corridor. The location of this light and the special structure of its appearance is of interest.

In this work, light appears as a medium of expression, which expresses ideas, information, or ideas, not its own attributes of illumination. In addition to lighting, light can express other information and ideas. The Tensegrity structure is adopted in this work, which can form a stable structure of the pressure bar without contact with each other by means of the combination of the "pull" and "press" members. The choice of this structure is because the pressure bar is real, and the pull rod can be very thin, almost invisible at night, as if there is a group of objects hanging out of thin air. Common lights are either supported or suspended, not suspended in midair. We created the Tensegrity "lantern" group, making dozens of lanterns float in the air.

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