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Light, lighting in special structural form (two)

Lanterns flicker in an uncertain way and interact with the viewer.

More profound works inspired by the restaurant every door hanging lanterns Guijie group, its formation process is very interesting: the beginning of one element (the restaurant door hanging lanterns), follow some rules (in some form a scale lantern), gradually formed a program (all the dining hall in front of all so hung lantern), is closely related to the parametric design and research.

Light, lighting in special structural form (two)

As an architect, not every project can be fully implemented according to their own expectations. We have been doing the methodology, we insist on a design method, although each design works are not the same, they are consistent in the way. Our work consists of the knowledge of architecture, the architect, the lighting engineer, the programmer, and all of them, which are combined with the architect's methodology, to get this work.


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