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Lighting device for Dock Ville section

The nuclear leakage caused by the earthquake in Japan has brought about the hidden danger of nuclear power plant. Luzinterruptus designed for the Hamburg Dock Ville section of the radioactive control equipment to imitate the continued threat of nuclear accidents under the condition of people's lives.

Luzinterruptus, an unknown art organization, used the device to attract people's attention by lighting. The two artists behind the group come from two different areas: Art and photography. 2008, they began to engage in street art lighting. Since then, they began to organize art intervention in public areas, the use of light to expose the ills of society and the environment.

Lighting device for Dock section Ville in Hamburg, Germany

Luzinterruptus's secret army is 100 illuminated radioactive humanoids, forward them to threaten the natural environment of the posture, intent draw attention to the use and abuse of nuclear energy while the economy, but will bring irreversible side effects on the environment and life.


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