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Lighting design of trees and flowers

Generally speaking, the light of the green zone is not as large as the building, and always has the choice of illumination, such as the selection of the name tree, the ancient wood or the peculiar shape of the object.

The following principles can be applied to tree lighting:

First, according to the geometric shape of the tree body (such as cone, sphere, degree of extension, etc.) to light the lamp, lighting must be adapted to the shape of the tree. For example, light the towering trees, can use contour effects techniques make it outstanding.

Second, in order to increase the garden deep feeling, with the top lights illuminate the surrounding trees, can get the aeriality feeling, at the same time at different levels lighting different height of trees and shrubs, resulting in a sense of depth.

Third, the color of the leaves limits the use of the light source, otherwise it will destroy the natural color. But if the color and color of the leaves with a good match, but also a lot of color.

Fourth, lighting a cluster of trees, generally do not consider the individual tree shape, but pay attention to its color and the entire volume. But close viewing objects must be considered separately.

Fifth, the color and appearance of many plants vary with the seasons. Lighting must also adapt to this change.

Sixth, in order not to affect the viewing of the distant target, the object in front of the viewer should be dark or not lit, so as not to snatch the attention of the viewer.

Seventh, should not be seen in the vicinity of the target by lighting from a position or a few points to watch.

Figure 5-33 shows a few examples of trees and shrubs. The flower beds on the ground are viewed from the top, so the general use of mushroom shaped lamps are more appropriate, as shown in Figure 5, figure 34. Such lamps from the ground height of 50 a cm of 100, the light is only down, can be set in the central or side of the flower bed, its height depends on the height of the flower. Because the color of the flower is very much, the light source used should have good color rendering.

Cloth light for trees and shrubs

A mushroom shaped lamp used on the ground

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