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Lighting design techniques of sculpture

Here 5 - 6m high medium and small sculpture. The number of lamps required and the position of the light, depending on the shape of the object, the purpose is to illuminate the sculpture of the whole, but does not require uniform, depending on the light and shadow and brightness of the difference between its shape and body to show. If the statue is located at the height of the floor and is independent of the centre of the lawn, the luminaire shall be fitted with a flat surface to keep the appearance of the surrounding unaffected and to reduce glare, as shown in Figure 5 - 35a. If there is a base under the sculpture, in order to focus the light on the sculpture, lamps should be arranged far away. But at the same time should go to Italy on the lower side edge of the base do not form Sculpture Shadow, as in Figure 5 a 35b if two people can walk in the sculpture place, usually can not be around the base set light source, because too close, as Figure 5 shows a 35C lamp fixed on the lamp post or installed in the nearby buildings but, we must prevent the glare. The face of the statue is always the main object of illumination, when the light from the bottom up, especially should pay attention to, do not make the face unpleasant or illusory feeling. Because people are familiar with the light from the upper and lower projection of the light and shadow of the composition of the pattern, the abnormal pattern of light and shade can not be accepted by the people, will produce unpleasant feelings.

Cloth lamp for women in different positions


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