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Common methods of interior lighting design (photo)

A chandelier

The lamp hanger is hung on a certain height of the empty part and is easy to install. There are many types of lamps, mainly by the general light type chandelier, under the cast and exposed chandelier and other basic forms. Chandelier commonly used in hotels, restaurants lobby, easy to create a magnificent atmosphere.

Two, wall lamp

Wall lamp is mounted on the walls of the lamp, mainly exposed, small astigmatism and guided several forms. In the interior design of the main local lighting and decorative effects, can produce light and shadow effects, the scope of application is relatively large, multi use low wattage bulbs.

Three, point light

The light source is more suitable for a large range of space, it can be arranged to form a lot of patterns, special effects. At the same time can also be used as a key lighting, to increase the level of space.

Four, skylight

The whole or part of a ceiling is treated as a luminaire. High brightness, uniform lighting, people feel relaxed, but to deal with the distance between the lamp and heat dissipation.

Five, band

Commonly used in shops, offices and common buildings, clear lines, strong sense of perspective.

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