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Lighting design of the construction of the night texture - residential building case "spring margin"


This paper attempts to illuminate the design of the perspective of the construction of the night texture, to Lao Tzu's "all things do, I view the complex" thinking extension. Return to the essence of things, that is, from the most primitive lighting of the "quality" began. By

According to the nature of the object of the original intention of the beginning of the idea in order to highlight its true meaning, in order to seemingly ordinary things, seeking the essence of its lighting. Night lighting is a product of modern cities, but too much night light affects the circadian clock

The balance of glare and also caused poultry life threatening, to reflect the building body at night in a variety of different materials of light change, not by a total ban on the way, but to guide the right of light, to take a

For the balance of the ecology, not to destroy the balance of the universe by man's superior to his species. Therefore, the lighting design, but also to the concept of environmental protection to look at a variety of lamps and energy-saving LED use, and

And pay close attention to the impact of ecological environment lighting design. This is the essence of lighting design thinking. This article in residential areas to build the case "Tienmu spring edge" as an example, the dialectical stage through theoretical and empirical analysis to the actual case of the,

Ecological lighting design thinking to further achieve the construction of night texture. Keywords: building lighting, lighting texture, ecological lighting, LED lighting

Lighting design is a wide range of disciplines, in addition to a scientific perspective to understand the physical properties of light, but also to understand the physical and psychological needs of the light. When the human eye is stimulated by light, the color vision

The test has three kinds of psychological aptitude, color (Hue), brightness {Bnghtness) and saturation (Saturatlomj (Li Shuo 1993)

. Therefore, we can know that the eyes are the main medium for people to receive the illumination information. Without the light, the physiological and psychological senses of the human body can not be produced. As Lewis (1998) said: "light is the creation of space

The creator, and we can discuss further shaping the space that is light shape, light brings meaning to the building. "So. The lighting designer's design thinking has a decisive influence on the urban texture of the night


As above,

We can see the world, because the reflection and refraction of light can produce a variety of different colors and surface texture, and then through our human carrier, that is, the visual reception of information and meaning. The so-called night light

Ming texture, the vast majority are generated by the lighting designer, lighting design, how to control the construction of the night texture, is to pull the hair of the whole thing. The building is in the urban texture, and no one can relate it

Sex removal. Especially the building is regarded as public wealth, and the reason for the public wealth is permanent, because his iconic buildings can influence the whole city. Lighting is an alternative to the architectural landmark at night

Social responsibility is not everyone can imagine that he can represent a construction company, can represent a city, but also can become a symbol of a country, which constitutes a symbol of far-reaching impact.

What is the importance of texture texture? Why? In the Taihang aesthetic economy today, Taiwan has entered a new society of aesthetic economy, when the economy has become the new aesthetic subject, style and texture of this thing

Wider attention (Zhan Weixiong, 2005). How do people judge whether a good lighting design should have a sense of texture, or decide what is good or bad, and that each person's sensory information is the same?

As Lv Qingfu said: "the form alone is not enough to form a shape, because the shape also need to have texture, color, space and so on. (Lv Manfu, 1984)"

So it can be seen that the texture, texture or texture is an important feature of shape and color. When we are unable to feel the night city with the touch, all messages are felt through the eyes, not only the

Special book to study the influence of lighting design texture on vision (Ul rich, 2004), on the other hand,

Lighting design is a subject which is based on vision and is difficult to interpret. (Panasonic, 2010) "Chen Caiqing also mentioned,

In addition to the shape of the object itself, the texture is the most direct factor to manipulate visual psychology. (Chen Cai young, 2010)

. Texture and properties of all kinds of materials are through texture and human visual perception. The texture is more representative of the surface of the object surface, and lighting is not designed to use different design techniques to highlight the body's own texture as the basis for

Return, such as light and shade, shadow, transparency and other sense (Panasonic into 2010).

The building itself and lighting design will produce different influence and impact, and how to generate and control the quality of lighting texture, or area bring unlimited business opportunities? All artificial lighting on the outdoor environment and our way of life.

Light pollution can be considered as a negative or harmful effect (Hao Luoxi, 2005). As a result, in this information explosion in the city, excessive lighting will easily become a new source of pollution, such as ostentatious

LED lighting, or the number of Watts projection lamp, etc..

All things work together, I view the complex

Return to the original, from the beginning of the lighting quality, until you can control their own set of rules, the design methods of all science and technology began to forget the gorgeous, from the illuminated objects only, in order to highlight the people and

Different, showing its essence. Seemingly ordinary indirect light technique, although not more than the construction of the LED hook to the direct and external, but for the essence of lighting, but also reflects the construction of a variety of different materials of the light and shade transformation, in order to achieve

Right, to light in a proper way, for the ecological balance, in order to achieve Lao Tzu said: "everything and, with my concept of complex" realm of life for the energy (that is endless, humans do not need to take forward the robbery

In essence, the poor, as long as the return of things not to return to the source, he is better than the human species to destroy the balance of the universe outrageous) follow the earth's natural cycle, is the everlasting truth, so the lighting design, in the extreme

Physical and psychological functions of lighting under small influence. Appropriate use of LED energy, time control, low carbon emissions and other environmental advantages, the integration of lighting into the earth's ecological trajectory, and the impact of environmental damage to the most

Low, only to be able to further achieve the principle of lighting design in line with the earth's principles, truly eco lighting design (ecological lighting)

Design's thinking to further achieve the construction of night textures (Ruan Qingyue, 2006)

"The new century has more extensive requirements for green lighting, but also pay more attention to the art and cultural quality of the light earth environment. Concerned about the people, the earth, and the interaction between the three lamps, the impact of the environment will be reduced to the lowest design, to be able to show the value of lighting design. (Huang Yan 2006)"

"Spring edge", and static pool building.

Tianmu area of Taipei city has been the park as it nears the Tatun Volcano Area, in addition to the outskirts of greenbelt encircle, regardless of species or business district Tianmu Street window displays, even to a crowd with exotic style, residential area

Also give people a high degree of imagination. In fact, the reason is Japanese Tienmu, by Shigeta Eiji in 22 years in the Delta (seven Pu Shilin now Zhongshan North Road) east to build a hillside to worship Mazu (goddess of heaven) for

The LORD God Temple, the creation of "mother taught", then this place is called "mother". The construction of "spring and Home Furnishing margin" case, the base position in Tienmu cherry Ridge Park diagonally opposite, small angle in the way of righteousness in stealth.

August 2009, near the completion of the scene, we have to adjust the lamp again. The building corner of the grille below the line has been completed, in the evening sky, showing a faint halo. A routing sense

The way of the heavy traffic, the building warm halo, get the mind. The building Front Gate into small, 6M wide alleys a quiet, small wooded hill is at the end of the alley, a window, a mountain

Go to the toilet and fundus, such as a.

Spring margin facade

In the alley, the pillars are made of Dali stone

The living space of the households is divided into two columns and a deep brown grid. Walk in the Lane Lane 6m, through the grid to see the first floor of the landscape area. The door next to the population there is a small shallow pool, 1 thin water along the stone set slowly fall

Into the shallow pool of water, and add some light Du temperament and lively atmosphere for the quiet area, or when the tenants by the indoor lounge look outside, in addition to forest outside more shallow wooden mutual collocation, more quiet | quiet atmosphere.

The building is made of stone, brick and metal grille. Floor height is I2 layer and 7 layer. The building material with light color collocation of dark brown grille, simple style is unclearly deeply mountain zen. Two buildings were

In the bathroom on the platform outside the lance with vertical hollow grid, each grid spacing is about 1m, the depth of about 60cm, the vertical plane is divided into 6 levels, 3 empty lattice lattice dark brown grille, let the building material level can jump.

Lighting design lighting analysis

As previously stated, the lighting design and lighting in the garden system, texture based on hidden, time control, and the lighting lamp configuration can correctly, to make the building lighting more like to in the mountains

The graceful posture, Jiang Zhaoming design in order to enhance the texture, such as the Han era Cui yuan reached right in filling "warm warm with light, light inside a situation. The case was a senior residential area for the demands of the mother, in the design

When the soft and gradual manner, the most beautiful place in the building slightly bright, so the use of warmer temperatures between 2100 ~ 3000K for the expression of architectural changes.

The bottom part of the wall, that is, Human

Scale, the overall design thinking with no direct light source to consider. Therefore, at the beginning of the design of the architect, that is, with the lighting designer to discuss on the fence to keep a long strip of light slot (see Figure 2), about 1.2m, light

Slot space is about 5.5cm, inside the 2700KT5 waterproof fluorescent lamp 28W*1, indirect lighting technique, not only can the railing slightly washed bright, will not let the pedestrians have uncomfortable glare effect, while ten points

After the time interval control, leaving only the security of the embedded wall lamp, 2700K PLC 18W*1, moderate color temperature and indirect light source, so that pedestrians are safe.

On the other hand, street scale (Street)

Design of Scale], is the use of two different types of techniques, a technique to linear LED wash building corner grille create shadows, another way to look for indirect light lamp will wash bright balcony roof,

Create a vertical effect. Architects in the toilet outside the rotating platform to set up a vertical grille, each grid spacing of about 1m

In depth, about 60cm, the vertical plane is divided into 6 levels, 3 empty lattice lattice dark brown grille, in the daytime natural daylight through the hollow building material level grid will jump, convey a more faint Forest College

Imagery night

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