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The night of ancient Songcheng, as if a generation had passed

Hangzhou Songcheng scenic spot, is China's most popular theme park, the first national cultural industry demonstration base. "Architecture as shape, culture as soul" is the business philosophy of Songcheng. Strange street, Foshan, city street, Song Dynasty, Millennium ancient camphor, Kowloon Plaza, tower square, cultural square, the ghost of the Song Dynasty, the Southern Song style street and other attractions step by step king. Within the scenic cornices brackets of the Song dynasty urban feature of heavy traffic, reduction. Songcheng is the China concentration of intangible cultural heritage, Wang Yuanwai home to marry Miss Hydrangea throwing performance is well-known, far and near the torch festival, Chinese New Year festivals, and the water splashing Festival, sweet osmanthus Festival four Festival colorful activities. Large dance "Songcheng eternal love" is a way of Songcheng. In Songcheng, as if a generation had passed. Give me one day, but you!

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