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Lighting design of multi function hall (Xi Zhaoming)

In the hall, the entire hall is very dark, almost no lighting, but before or after the performance of the audience lighting is essential. At this point in the illumination of the 15-300lx is more appropriate, according to the performance of the content, the middle may also turn on the lights, so dimming function is indispensable. But if all of a sudden switch lamp will produce uncomfortable sense of hope, gradually darkening function.

The height of the top of the hall is different according to the different positions, it is difficult to achieve uniform lighting, but should pay attention to avoid too bright or too dark. During the performance, the hall was very dark and the lighting at the foot was necessary. In principle to ensure that the above 0.2lx (audience induction lamp). In addition, there are emergency lighting (generally not open), emergency exit lights, "smoking" signs, etc.. Induction lamp should be used in emergency exit light, so as to weaken the light or turn off the lights.

In addition to the multi-purpose hall for concerts, theatrical performances, as well as lectures, meetings and other uses. So it is necessary to make the whole field, including the audience, bright. Recently, for the concerts, theater performances hall, before the show and the rest of the audience what kind of atmosphere becomes the focus of attention.

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