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UV disinfection lamp installation and use tips

Hospitals, kindergartens, restaurants and other places of the kitchen in order to effectively reduce the spread of disease, must be equipped with ultraviolet disinfection lamp. Germicidal efficacy of ultraviolet disinfection lamp:

It should be noted that, due to ultraviolet radiation on the human body also has strong damage, so the use of direct radiation disinfection, disinfection should be all personnel from the place, the control switch direct ultraviolet germicidal lamp should avoid the reach of children, and must be clearly marked.

In order to safety, you can also use reflective ultraviolet germicidal lamp. The number of UV lamp can be determined by reference:

The general health requirements of N=4P, /HVF

There are high requirements N=0.05V/HF sterilization

In the formula, N is the number of germicidal lamps (each as 30W); P is the number of indoor H germicidal lamp to the ceiling; distance (m); V (m 3); the room volume F luminaire efficiency (preferable 0.8).

Reflective ultraviolet lamp to ceiling distance should not be greater than 1.5m.

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