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The lighting design features of the bedroom in the elderly

Most of the time are confused with the ward. As a living space should be residential reference. The general indoor lighting to the family atmosphere, can be used for round top Xu ceiling lamps, decorative wall lamp lighting and other lighting for residential wall. Decoration materials more wood, easy to coordinate with low color temperature light. On the other hand, if it is more than a bed room, the room area increases, although can be used straight tube fluorescent lamp. But better by lying in bed, the elderly will not directly see the lighting lamp light source, and indirect illumination method.

In addition to general lighting, but also because of health reasons for the elderly can not be used, hoping to use a single lamp to read. In recent years, indoor toilet, toilet has been more common, from the point of view of health, energy saving, the use of the human body can automatically control the most suitable lighting fixtures.

At night for security considerations, should be set to light, but the lighting is not dazzling as the premise. Late at night to change diapers, in order not to affect other people, to consider the use of the t set in the bed of the nursing spotlight, and should be installed in the general lighting lighting dimming device.

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