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Lighting design of exhibition hall

The illumination of the display surface should be able to provide the visitors with comfortable and difficult to be exposed to the environment. The use of excessive illumination will not only produce glare, but also due to radiation, heat damage to the display. All exhibits are expected to control illuminance. These criteria are used to determine the effects of radiation and heat on the exhibits.

If the brightness of the lower part of the display room is too bright, it is not easy to see the exhibits because of the adaptation of the eye. In particular, when the illumination of the exhibits is set to a lower level, there is no t under the lighting of the situation, in this case led into the showroom channel lighting is very important. That is, suddenly from the bright place into the dark display room, the foot can not see clearly visitors will feel insecure. Therefore, the design should consider the degree of adaptation of the eye, so that the gradual change of illumination (closer to the showroom, the lower the level of illumination).

When viewing, hope that the exhibits do not appear on the face of light and shade. But in order to avoid the emergence of the spot, the surface exhibits uniform illumination is necessary, uniformity (minimum illuminance and highest illuminance ratio) in more than 0.75 (including ground reflected light etc.) is the best, but it is not easy to realize. Taking into account the characteristics of the surface of the surface, the lighting design should be light distribution design and installation of lighting.

Flat, glossy surface, glass frames, glass cabinet storage exhibits surface, due to reflection light source or the surrounding background reflected in the glass surface, with ornamental, observation, there is the phenomenon of free selection must carries on the discussion to the light source, exhibits position.

When viewing the paintings, it is said that the distance between the person and the painting should be 1.5 times the length of the painting. The average height of the eyes of the Japanese is about, the position of the light source and the line of sight, to ensure that the top of the screen does not occur positive reflection (is expected to have about 10 'more than t) of the light faction. If the location of the light source is too close to the screen, the picture will have the shadow of the frame, the screen will be too obvious concave convex. Must be avoided at the bottom of the screen about 20 of the fan ring set light source. Low angle to the light on the screen, the screen will form a negative shape, if the positive reflection of the t light appears, will make visitors feel dazzling, I hope the light source can be set in the slash range shown in figure 3.8.

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