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Characteristics and lighting design of Art Museum and Museum

The museum and the museum are mainly composed of the preservation room, the exhibition room, the research room and the management room.

The illumination of the display room is different according to the different contents of the display. General art museum is to watch, the museum is based on observation, investigation and research. If it is for the purpose of viewing, we hope to display the exhibits better. If we want to observe, investigate and study for the purpose, we need to pay more attention to the performance of the exhibits. In order to achieve the purpose of creating a comfortable visual environment, it is necessary to investigate the contrast, brightness distribution in the field of vision, glare, glare, shadow, shape, light source color and color rendering.

Art Museum, museum lighting and general lighting is different, for the protection of exhibits, to prevent damage is very important. Damage caused by radiation, light, temperature, air pollution and other reasons, in order to prevent damage to valuable exhibits, lighting design should fully consider the impact of radiation and heat.

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