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Art Gallery Lighting

Art Museum to display the main wall. The lighting method includes open display lighting and glass cabinet display lighting.

Open display lighting is the use of indoor wall as a display wall. Lighting directly installed in the ceiling, if the ceiling is very high, in order to illuminate a wide range of walls, to meet the intensity of illumination, uniformity, you must use a special light distribution design of large special lamps. Visitors can see the lights directly, so they must pay attention to the glare. The design example is shown in Figure 3, 10.

Glass display cabinet, cabinet lighting to wall as the object, because t only in the inside, so the installation position of the lamp is limited. It is necessary to use a small reflector to achieve the appropriate light distribution. Lamps are generally set in front of the wall, visitors can not see the place, the function of priority to design more.

Exhibits are often replaced in the exhibition space. Lighting should be based on the characteristics of the exhibits, can be arbitrarily change the direction of illumination, and change the location of lighting fixtures.

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