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Lighting design of Yuzhong Peninsula in Chongqing

Designed by Beijing Tsinghua city planning design and Research Institute of the Chongqing Yuzhong Peninsula landscape upgrade project, the first phase of a total of 29 buildings, Ningbo easyshow provided one of the 14 buildings (East and Gulf, holy buildings, Yijing building, triumph building lighting, YX-611A lamps etc.) the total number of more than 9 thousand, which is 1m 7400, 0.5m 260, 0.25m 2210. The size of the number of buildings from 1150 to 160, ranging from an average of each building needs to install the 700.

The designer according to the characteristics of the geographical location of Chongqing: mountain, fog, at the junction of two rivers, design, forest, mountain, cloud sail effect, need to achieve unified control effect. Lamp 1 color temperature by 2200K (72 patch 3528) and 6500K (72 patch 3528) mixed color run, to achieve the formation of the mountain, the growth of trees. Lamp 2 color temperature 3000K (48 patch 5050) monochrome running, used to sail sail. Control mode using DMX512 control.

Each building height is about 32 layers, aerial work is very difficult, and the exterior window, the rope is not convenient, the lamps have transverse installation and vertical installation, the installation location is not uniform. From June to July 1st at the beginning of the factory production of lamps, lamps debugging, a total cost of 1 months, the production of lamps for half a month, half a month time, installation and commissioning, major tasks.

The lamps and lanterns use the DMX512 string and the signal control way, the lamps and lanterns uses four core male mother to insert the line, the wiring is simple, the installation is convenient, the production speed is very quick. Each building has a PC machine and a number of sub control, between buildings and buildings to achieve the overall linkage, to achieve a unified change effect. Can also be in accordance with the time, holidays, fixed in a picture, the control effect is flexible and diverse.


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