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Analysis of Donghua main street lighting project in Beijing

Donghua Gate Street is located in the center of the capital Beijing, is a national key cultural relics protection areas, but also the focus of tourism areas. In order to better show the history and culture of key areas, combined with the characteristics of ancient buildings in Donghua Avenue and the ancient capital of the region to plan and design the lighting program.

Donghua gate is the east gate of the Forbidden City, located in the east of the Forbidden City South, was built in the Ming Yongle eighteen years (1420). Donghua Gate street light environment planning and design project is located in the imperial city of Beijing, the Imperial Palace southeast, west of Beijing, working people's Cultural Palace, East South East yellow chenggen. The area is located in the bustling commercial street of Wangfujing and the walls of the the Imperial Palace. The unique urban environment causes the unique architectural environment of residential areas with traditional style.

Donghua East Gate Street south along the main street about 400m, both sides of the street are the scope of the building lighting design. Donghua main street is a special tourism in Beijing during the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, the construction of folk custom landscape street. There are restaurants, department stores, hotels, tourism, residential, commercial banks along the street, complete, is a microcosm of the authentic old Beijing life, not by excessive commercial rendering become a commercial single function or title bar delicacy street. It is still maintained a strong old Beijing folk characteristics of the street, while adjacent to the Forbidden City, with a typical capital symbol.

Donghua Gate street light environment fit along the old Beijing architectural temperament and folk characteristics, improve the night street landscape light environment, services to residents and businesses. At the same time to attract tourists, bring business opportunities to become the pulse of the design. Peaceful music industry, the old Beijing style is the intention we focused on the performance of the light environment design.

The lighting brightness level is different from the Donghua gate of the Royal presence, light without glare, noisy and impressive, is we to the lighting design of illumination and color temperature requirements, although is a commercial street, but the building details in illumination control, temperature control in 3000K-4000K, faithfully restore the architectural color illumination principle. Lamp type and appearance requirements of small size, strong concealment, low energy consumption, safety and durability, so using LED energy-saving products, small power point, a detailed characterization of the architectural details and prominent building body use of light to change at the same time, to avoid the impact of the lighting effect of the lamp volume hidden installation to the extreme.

Lighting project after the completion of the Donghua main street light environmental governance effect, has been businessmen and residents alike. Peaceful, rational design concept is also recognized for the leadership of the street office.


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