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Some thoughts on the design of highway lighting by taking the LED street lamp as the example

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The first of all the use of LED lights highway - Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway, Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway 122.8 km. The most unique place is according to different road geographical environment, different time and different climatic conditions to realize intelligent control of road lighting, the use of time, brightness, temperature of the remote control on the road, to meet the needs of different lighting environment, and has the function of regulation environment adaptive, can automatically adjust the brightness according to the use of the environment light, light to create a comfortable space. Through the intelligent control, the road lighting can not only save energy and protect the environment, but also is favorable to driving safety.

Key of highway lighting design

1, high speed road lighting design should consider its sustainability, lighting requirements must establish long-term mechanism.

2, energy saving and environmental protection is a global trend, and energy conservation and environmental protection must be based on the overall, scientific, comprehensive consideration of system scheduling.

3, people-oriented, high-speed road lighting must be to reduce the loss of life and property of the people or the threat of the first premise.

The performance of high speed road lighting design

High speed road lighting safety performance of five points:

1, to prevent the spread of glare;

2, to prevent the driver driving at night visual fatigue;

3, all kinds of road signs no matter what kind of natural climate environment must be clearly visible;

4, reduce or avoid the road crime at night;

5, to meet the emergency situation to ensure high lighting and temporary increase in the light source needs.

From the perspective of the lighting that meet the high-speed road lighting, a necessary illumination; two, high-speed road lighting timing inspection; three, with the latest standard of road lighting lamps of national and international; four, high-speed road lighting is generally functional lighting, installation must be in strict accordance with national standards.

Energy saving measures for high speed road lighting design

The energy conservation of high speed road lighting depends on the local conditions and the use of lamps and lanterns. Specifically, the factors that affect the lighting energy conservation are the following:

1, cloth lamp spacing reasonable, in line with national standards for road lighting requirements.

2, the choice of lamps. From the energy saving, LED is currently the best choice for energy saving, other lamps (except for the loss of ballast) to save more than 70%.

3, the reasonable combination of local climate change scientifically adjust the turn on time and turn on the lights.

4, make full use of remote intelligent control system, real-time monitoring of road lighting. Especially in rainy, heavy fog, heavy rain and other adverse weather brought about by the impact of real-time control.

5, expand ideas, make full use of renewable resources (such as photovoltaic, wind power) as an auxiliary means of street lamp power supply, reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The way to balance the safety and energy saving in the design of high speed road lighting

High speed road lighting is the primary task of its functionality to ensure road safety, to ensure that people's lives and property is not subject to loss, and then consider its energy efficiency. According to the situation of the development of the road in our country, the high speed road in the economically underdeveloped areas should first consider the safety and the relatively low price of sodium lamp and metal halide lamp. The economically developed areas, such as the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and other regions can be considered as appropriate to consider the use of energy-efficient LED lamps combined with remote intelligent control system to achieve more efficient energy saving results. There is no contradiction between road safety and energy conservation, but also do not need to balance. LED lamp with high efficiency and energy saving can also achieve the illumination of road safety requirements; the use of sodium lamp, metal halide lamp can also be through other means, such as strict control on time and lighting long also can achieve effective energy saving. The key lies in whether to respond to the call of the state, the establishment of a conservation oriented society, the concept of road lighting control.

Put yourself in mind: what should we create for the driver?

This is from the road lighting security considerations. Road lighting must be used to ensure that the long-distance drivers on the highway to avoid glare hazards, to avoid the dangers of fatigue driving. Should create a comfortable and full of changes in the road lighting at night, the lamp is suitable for simple, not too fancy, so as not to distract the driver.

Road lighting should be noted in the beautification of the city

Perfect performance of lamp holder. Road lighting generally use a higher degree of illumination, so it is necessary to prevent the light radiation, do a good job in the light of the lights, so as not to damage the city's night environment.

Road lighting for functional lighting, light color warm white or pure white, not because in the city beautification and consider using RGB color or single color light color, easy due to light changes lead to changes in illumination caused by road accidents.

In the lamp holder lamp holder design can be combined with local cultural characteristics, customs and custom, in order to enhance the cultural taste of the city, but not too garish and not applicable.

Road lighting in urban areas may increase some linked objects in the design of the auxiliary pole, to facilitate the city during the holidays by hanging banners, banners and lanterns lamp lamp has the advantages of smaller volume, lighter objects, in order to increase the utilization rate of the pole, create a festive and peaceful atmosphere.


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