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Lighting design of new clothes Street

The clothes Street is a street in downtown Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, is located in Huzhou City, East Street, located in the downtown business district. Because in ancient times there are many old clothesman (selling old clothes shop named with clothes). The existing Wuxing telephone company site, Zhou Zhai Wang Zhaisan, security unit, and Bess Lanshi hall, Thailand Hotel site, followed Guanting husband 12 security, 35 historical buildings, river port, dock 18, traditional Street Lane 13, and a building at the end of the Qing dynasty.

Antique courtyard, bridges the exquisite, elegant style, a few hundred years of stone, turned a winding lane, people picked up after the dream, as if only the scene in the movie, the scene reflected in the eyes.

In order to highlight the clothes Street Historical and cultural atmosphere, the ground lighting by nostalgia movie poster as the source mask, to create a nostalgic atmosphere of history. All the lamps are using OSRAM LED, the light guide plate with high luminous efficiency, high color, high brightness LED perfect show nostalgic Movie Poster authentic at the same time to the environment good lighting effect. Whenever visitors pass, the movie poster under the control of LED under the control of microwave sensor control system automatically, people feel wandering in the long river of history.

Shao bridge in connection with historic and modern city with color transform LED light guide lamp as reflected from the ancient bridge, bridge on both sides across the modern space. The original full-color OSRAM lamps with high luminous efficiency of three LED, with special colors, light guide plate, in the control of microwave sensor control system, with people walking on the bridge were lit, making people feel walking in the time tunnel, from ancient times into the modern.

Both use the CKLED microwave sensor control system, in the lighting, landscape and people to build a good interaction between the bridge, but also in line with the modern green, energy-saving lighting concept of environmental protection. All the control systems and lamps are installed very subtle, so that the light source is well integrated into the landscape at the same time, do not allow the installation of lamps to destroy people's sense of the environment.


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