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Lighting control for road lighting design

1 pull circuit wiring

Road lighting control circuit should be simple, easy to switch fault. Manual control when the controller is damaged.

(1) photoelectric control circuit: the photoelectric control circuit is shown in Figure 5, figure 19.

As the main control photoelectric controller lamp parts, SDK - 2 type timing clock can prevent photoelectric controller malfunction, strictly ensure in 8: OO 17: OO will not send electricity to the lighting circuit, security maintenance personnel, when necessary, can also be used as a night light control. SDK - 2 timing clock can also be used as the main control device when the photoelectric controller is damaged.

(2) street lamp control circuit: street lamp control circuit as shown in Figure 5, figure 20.

2 control equipment

(1) the conditions that should be satisfied for the control of electrical appliances:

1) the ability of anti electromagnetic interference and anti power voltage fluctuation is strong.

Figure 5 - 19 photoelectric control cable

1 fuse 2 C - 1 type high precision photoelectric controller 3 SDK 2 clock AC contactor 4 5 hand control switch

Figure 5 - 20 street lamp control circuit

1 fuse 2 3 lamp control instrument of AC contactor

2) the annual total number of lights on the street lamps at the time of 4000h.

3) debugging is simple, the function is more perfect, is strictly prohibited in the morning, the evening before the street lighting.

(2): electrical control

1) adjustable optical switch.

2) quartz power timing controller (or fixed clock).

3 microcomputer street lamp controller. As long as the use of the longitude, latitude, and will be enabled by the year, month, day, hour, minutes to lose, can be changed with the seasons and the lights turn off time table, easy to use and a significant number of power-saving effect. According to the weather changes but also with photoelectric correction.

There is an uninterruptible power supply (72h) which can be used for AC power supply when the power supply is lost. The utility model is suitable for two operation modes of the whole night lamp and the midnight lamp. When in use, the two modes can be used simultaneously or only use one mode of operation.

3 street lamp control wiring

The control circuit of the street lamp is provided with a parallel control connection, a series connection control circuit, a single circuit control and a midnight light control.

(1) parallel control connection: large and medium city street lighting for parallel control wiring, the advantage is that any power supply failure occurs, will not affect other sections. The load of the control circuit is small, the switch has enough working voltage, and the opening and closing time is good, as shown in Figure 5 - 21.

Loop 5 - 21 parallel control loop

1 Street 2 transformer fuse switch 3

(2) series: series connection control wiring control is any power supply failure, behind the lights were out of control, close range. Under the same conditions, the power supply range of the power supply point for each series connection is 50% of the parallel control connection, as shown in Figure 5, figure 1.

(3) single power supply control and night lighting control: single power control to use the photoelectric controller or lights lamp control instrument illumination than sh, road lighting for factories, schools and small towns, such as Figure 5 shown in diagram 23.

The street lamp controller only controls the opening and closing of a group of power switches.

Night light control is a kind of energy saving measures, that is, after 24 hours to reduce the number of light sources or reduce the light source power, but not affect social security and traffic safety.

Figure 5 - 22 series control wiring

1 street lamp transformer 2 fuse switch 3

Figure 5 - 23 single power control wiring diagram of circle

1 transformer 2 knife switch 3 fuse 4 current transformer 5 meter 7 night light switch 8 midnight lamp switch

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