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Lighting design for special place of road

Lighting requirements of 1 plane crossing

(1) the illuminance level of the intersection should be higher than that of the road leading to the intersection, and should have adequate environmental lighting.

(2) in order to identify the existence of the intersection, different light colors can be used, different shapes of lamps or different installation height, or different installation methods.

(3) at the intersection of the word can be used unilateral, staggered, symmetrical and other means of cloth lights, a large intersection can be added to the lamp pole, there is a traffic island can be set on the island lights, can also be set high rod lighting.

2 for I see crossroads cloth lamp should be in the right direction, from the intersection of a 15m lamp, in order to illuminate the road on. In addition to the side of the line to set up a lamp, Sichuan to illuminate the road ahead, as shown in Figure 5 - 15.

The crossing cloth lamp should be on the road end set Street 3 T shape, which can effectively illuminate the road fork, but also conducive to the induction of driver identification at the end of the road, as shown in Figure 5 - 16.

4 roundabout cloth lamp lighting should be fully shown around the island, traffic island and stone, the lamp should be located on the outside of the island, as shown in Figure 5 - 17. Population out of the road should be properly strengthened. The larger diameter of the island can be set high pole lighting.

5 curve road cloth

(1) the turning radius is equal to or greater than 10 (m of the curve can be handled in a straight line).

(2) pitch bend lighting layout turning radius is less than 1000 m should be in the corners of the outer lamp is reduced, the general linear segment 50% - 75%. Suspension should also be shortened, as shown in Figure 5, 18a.

(3) the lamps at the turn shall not be installed on the extension of the straight line, as shown in Figure 5 - 181b C.

In Table 5 - 17 in the relationship between the bending radius and the distance of road lamp

Turning radius (m)

More than 300 250 - 300 200 - 250 below 200

Luminaire spacing (m)

The following 35 30 25 below 20

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