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Light art device of light pipe in Geneva, Switzerland

By Marco Hanmerlin (Marco Hemmerling) design called "optical device art light pipe" appeared in Switzerland Geneva ninth "Arbres et Lumi res" festival of lights on. The lighting concept of the city center's Pierre Fatio square is based on two spatial perception. On the one hand, the device can amplify the relationship between the main body and the surrounding trees. By strengthening the relationship between the tree and the square, the light emitting film device shows the connection between the elements on the vertical plane of the square. On the other hand, the device is designed to increase the added value of the new element through the light pipe. Even as a connector, the light pipe can also establish their own value, this value comes from the evolution of the principle of growth. The abstract concept of the branch branch is transformed into a specific shape, bringing the trees and the central column together with space into a new world of light. The concept of lighting consists of changing the color of the trees to illuminate, the membrane structure is the expression of the concept of evolution and transformation, but also produce a changing sense of the scene.

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