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James Museum "no blue" art works

In April 2009, the Swiss entrepreneur, Wine producer, is also the art collector Donald Hays (Donald M. Hess) at an altitude of 2300m in the Andes of Argentina established a unique museum showcasing American Lighting artist James Terrel (James Turrell) works of art. The exhibition space covers an area of 1700m2, which was designed by James Terrel himself. The museum is made up of 9 different parts, which is a good demonstration of the work of art in his long career. They include: Spread (2003), Alta Green (), Slant Range (1989), and Stufe (1967), etc.. Among them, one of Blue's works, "no Unseen" (2002), constitutes the core of the museum. This is one of the largest and most complex sky projects ever undertaken by the planet, and its interior has a strong visual effect at sunrise and sunset. The site was a simple cube with a plain white column and a window on the roof. The floor is paved with black granite, sandstone walls lined up along the seat. Visitors can rest at this time to see how the sun moves at different times of the day. The walls are illuminated by LED, and the color is closely linked to the sky.

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