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Paris, France?" Lighting device

It is hard to believe that the controversial light device can be realized. But in the artist Robert Stadler (Robert Stadler) under efforts, it appears in front of the world. The device during the 2007 years sleepless in Paris, appeared in the St.Paul's Cathedral and the Saint Louis cathedral. From the side door into the church, people will first see the suspension in the choir seat over the luminous ball, when they are in an irregular manner randomly scattered in the air. The first is not conspicuous, but along with the people to the center of the church to go, will be surprised to see the light ball has gradually formed a huge question mark, at the altar of the middle, unbelievable suspended, exudes a mysterious glory is not true. Imagine how you would feel when you walked into a baroque church in Paris and a huge question mark with a bright sphere appeared in front of you. As people continue to walk through the church, the question mark is broken. The question marks are in sharp contrast to the absolute symmetry of the Baroque architecture, which is like a note added to the building, but jumps unexpectedly harmoniously. This is indeed a simple to the heart of the lighting device, life is full of mystery, if the church is not your question and answer the question, where is it?

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