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Landscape lighting which lighting?

Landscape lighting refers to both lighting, outdoor lighting facilities has art to decorate and beautify the environment function.

Landscape lighting design of outdoor lighting design is an important part of it, including outdoor store, signs, advertising, architecture, landscape and street lighting design, it is focused on by the brightness and contrast of color show the harmonious light,

Instead of the illumination value itself. This is the essential difference between landscape lighting and functional outdoor lighting. Landscape lighting is to make full use of the intensity of light, color, light, and other characteristics, resulting in a wonderful landscape

Building in the night after the advent of the wall can be full of brilliance, landscape lighting design in order to produce a huge social and economic benefits.

Landscape lighting lighting design major:

1, cast light

Lighting is direct light onto a plane or three-dimensional object surface, to indicate its existence, and its appearance or historical appearance show.

2, contour lighting

In order to show the volume of the building and the overall shape, people used to light into line, depicting the outline of the building, door and window frame, different parts of the junction, the roof and roof lines. Contour lighting is often used in larger buildings, emphasizing the shape of the entire building and ignoring some local details.

3, negative outline lighting

The illumination of the light on the back of the object, or the creation of a negative contour by a bright background, is called negative contour illumination.

4, neon lighting

Neon neon lighting is the use of its color and shape, creating decorative lighting form. As a kind of landscape lighting source, neon lamp is widely favored. It is rich in color, colorful, dynamic, strong penetrating power and energy saving.

5, the inner light transmission

This landscape lighting design way is the main advantage to use for indoor lighting, and easy maintenance.

6, searchlight lighting

The narrow beam strong brightness, it can form a beautiful night sky radiation, light to see, at the distance is not only beautiful, but also has a strong advertising effect.


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