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Basic lighting parameters

1, the brightness of

LED lamp brightness includes:

L: brightness luminous body in the specific direction of luminous flux per unit area per unit solid angle. Unit: Nituo (cd/ m).

Light flux: total luminous light emitted by the body per second. Unit: lumen (Lm), indicating how much light emitting body, the greater the number of luminous lumen.

: the greater the number of lumens of luminous flux, the more the higher the brightness of the lights.

2, wavelength

Wavelength consistent LED color. It is very difficult to produce pure color products without the manufacturers of LED spectrophotometer.

3, color

Color temperature is a measure of light color logo, represented by the K value. Yellow light is below 3300K, white light is more than 5300k, there is a kind of intermediate color 3300k-5300k". Customers can choose according to personal preferences, application environment and the need to create a lighting effect and atmosphere of the appropriate color temperature light source.

4, the leakage current

LED is a one-way conductive luminous body, if the reverse current is called leakage, the leakage current of LED, short life.

5, antistatic ability

Antistatic ability of LED, long life, and high prices. Usually anti-static 700V greater than LED can be used for LED lighting (lighting decoration renderings).

6, life

The key of different quality is life, life is decided by the light fades. A small decline, long service life.

7, the design of

Each product has a different design, different designs for different purposes, reliability of LED lighting designs include: electrical safety, fire safety, environmental safety, suitable for mechanical safety, health and safety, safe use time etc.


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