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The concept of green lighting

Green lighting refers to the lighting design of science, with high efficiency, long service life, safe and stable performance of the electric lighting based products (electric light, electric lamp accessories, lamps, wiring equipment, and dimming controller and light control device), improve people work, study, condition and quality life, so as to create an efficient, comfortable, safe, and healthy environment and fully embody the lighting of modern civilization.

January 1991 United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) first proposed the implementation of "green lighting (Green

Lights) "and promote" green lighting project (Green Lights Program) "concept, and soon the support of the United Nations and many developing and developed countries seriously, and actively adopt policies and measures, promote the implementation and development of green lighting project. In November 1993, China's State Economic and Trade Commission began to launch the China green lighting project, and in 1996 formally included in the national plan.

From the above concept to:

1 lighting project must implement the strategy of sustainable development, the saving in the first place, to improve the efficiency of resource utilization. Because green lighting can save electricity, saving electricity is of great significance to protect the environment.

Contains 2 green lighting electric light source, electrical accessories, lamps, wiring equipment, reasonable use, adjustable and controlled optical devices etc.. For example: the use of energy-efficient electric light source:

1) to replace the common incandescent lamp with a tungsten halogen lamp (power 50-60%);

2) self ballasted single ended fluorescent lamps to replace incandescent lamps (power 70-80%);

3) to replace the incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp with fluorescent lamp upgrade (saving 70-90%);

4) promoting application of HPS and metal halide lamps;

5) application of the low pressure sodium lamp;

6) the application of the light emitting diode -LED.

Using energy-efficient lighting lamps:

1) with reasonable light distribution, high reflection efficiency and good durability of the reflective lamp;

2) lamp light source, selection and coordination of electrical accessories. The use of high efficiency and energy-saving lamp accessories: the use of energy-saving inductance ballasts and electronic ballasts to replace the traditional high energy consumption sense of ballast. Adopt a variety of energy-saving lighting control equipment or devices: 1) light sensor 2) thermal radiation sensor 3) ultrasonic sensor () time program control 5) direct or remote dimming.

3 green lighting to improve the conditions and quality of people's work, study and life, so the designer must understand well the requirement of green lighting and master the relevant national standard for lighting design to meet the requirements.

Two, green lighting purposes:

1 protect the environment, including the reduction of lighting equipment life cycle emissions of pollutants, using clean light, natural light and green materials, control of light pollution;

. in order to save energy, compact fluorescent lamps to replace incandescent lamp as an example, can save more than 70%, efficient electric light source can make the cooling lamps emit heat energy consumption decrease.

3 healthy, high quality lighting environment is comfortable and pleasant and safe;

4 improve work efficiency, it is more valuable than money;

5 to create a modern light culture.


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