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LED heat dissipation device technology is a new breakthrough

"For LED semiconductor lighting, heating problem not effectively solved for a long time, as with independent intellectual property rights of independent innovation and technological achievements, a radiator technology of LED lighting products for the existing problems of key nodes, successfully eliminate obstacles, in the form of wire and fan cooling in the form of forced to achieve a good heat dissipation effect." In the recently held "a radiator of the LED technology exchange seminars and press conference", China light industry federation, senior engineer Li Kuan Ann said. 
"We not only can solve the problem of heat dissipation, but also made completely in line with" high efficiency, high reliability and low cost requirements of the LED drive power supply, fundamentally solves the two problems which restrict the development of the LED." The results of the inventor, senior engineer younglab xing said. 
"LED is regarded as a green light is illuminated in the 21st century, is widely used in production and life. With further improvement of living standards, economic society LED technology, especially the high-end LED technology and products will have more applications." Younglab xing said, "the country's great efforts to foster, LED technology innovation and industrial explosive growth is important. However, as currently envisaged, both general lighting and high-end lighting, its development mainly by the cooling problem and drive power restricting the two technical problems." 
According to introducing, this technology has made the completely in line with "high efficiency, high reliability, low cost" requirements of the LED drive power supply, make the drive power efficiency reached 94%, fundamentally eliminate the serious influence the stable operation of the LED driver power supply "persistent" problem; Heat dissipation problem, also got good solution. "Through the repeated research and experiment, and finally achieve the better heat dissipation effect, no electrolytic capacitor overheating, damage of the surge current switch and power frequency flicker problem." Younglab xing said. 
Younglab xing said, "passive power factor correction circuit" transform "impossible" to "may", solves the existing two key nodes. Relevant experts believe that the technology can improve the power factor, eliminate harmonic current, make the small power consumption, good performance, low cost, and USES the wire form and fan forced cooling in the form of small volume, light weight, obtain good heat dissipation effect. " 
It is understood that the secretary-general Chang Yi Beijing lighting society, national electric light source quality supervision and inspection center composed of experts such as a professor Yang recruited experts agree that the technology for the existing problems, the key nodes of LED lighting products have certain innovation, advanced, should form a complete LED lighting products, as soon as possible in order to promote to the market. 

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