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Graphene can bring to the LED industry "subversive" change?

Mobile phone charge only a few seconds? Mobile phone screen can fold bending... These will probably because of the "magic material in the 21st century," said the graphene available and possible. 
Graphene one of the discoverers, Nobel laureate in physics, Andre geim described: "graphene for many people, like Alice in wonderland, fantastic." 
As the most thin, the hardest, now find strongest conductive heat conduction performance of a new type of nanometer materials, graphene is called "black gold", is the king of new materials, scientists even predicted that graphene will completely change the 21st century, and news about the special application of graphene is constantly come up to the most thin light bulb; Mobile phone charging it only takes a few seconds... 
How amazing graphene, whether can bring "subversive" changes to production and living, let's come to check the graphene. 
Graphene: the magic of the "king of the new material" 
What is the magical substance? 
China is big graphite resources, is also the graphene one of the most active country research and application development, scientists and industry is focused attention on the people on it. 
Many researchers, domestic enterprises have long been devoted to research, the application of graphene as technology advances, the future, will certainly to fight a global wave of graphene preparation and application of industrialization. Graphene, actual is spun off from the graphite material, composed of carbon atoms in only one atom thick layer of two-dimensional crystal. Pencil lead with graphite is equivalent to countless graphene layer stack together. "It is one of nature's most thin so far, the highest strength material, can be unlimited stretch, to a large degree bends but does not break, and also can resist a lot of pressure." Andre geim said, it still has the unusual thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. 
"Graphene high electrical conductivity, chemical structure and is very stable, is a kind of mobile battery, power supply is the ideal electrode materials." Member of Chinese academy of sciences, Chinese academy of sciences researcher at the institute of metal cheng said that graphene can be used in conjunction and electronic components, electronic equipment further, improving the storage rate of the other storage devices. 
Another strange graphene is zero penetration - all gas, liquid impermeable. It also makes the graphene products have "needle into, water poured into the". Surprising is far more than that. Graphene with super adsorption, scientists are studying the use of it in filtering device, used for seawater desalination, sewage treatment and other fields. It also has the very good pervious to light, suitable for as raw materials for the transparent electronics. 
The key problem to! 
Graphene into what are the chances of LED lighting field? 
In the field of LED lighting, graphene and what can be done? The following led people from the perspective of patent to a peek inside. After simple in Chinese database retrieval, found that graphene in lighting applications in the field of patent application in China started in 2008, after the application increasing every year, for an application for a patent has accumulated more than 1000, more than 90% of applicants from domestic applicants. H01L and F21S two categories, the application in the field of F21S basic is a domestic applicant, the main is to use the performance of thermal conductivity of graphene, coated with the light source or surface heat lamps and lanterns, the applicant is more, mainly composed of enterprises and individuals to apply for, do not describe here. 
In the field of H01L, the top ten of the applicant is mainly domestic scientific research institutes and universities, enterprises have boe, IBM and South Korea's samsung, which IBM application mainly in the field of power semiconductor devices, South Korea's samsung application involves has LED, OLED and display devices, and other areas of the lighting. Represented by patent 2-8, in the original structure on add a layer of graphene materials (3,4,6,7,8), due to the transparent graphene, conductive, thermal conductivity and a series of advantages, after adding can make up the shortfall, which has obtained the remarkable effect of technology; Or directly to the graphene material for the original patent (5), which has made significant technical effect. In the majority with advanced patent, this patent technology difficulty is relatively low, the domestic enterprises in the application for a patent for this type of strength is not weak in foreign company, and long-term OEM, technical staff has accumulated plenty of experience, more easily in combination with the characteristics of the new material, the improved technical solution is put forward. 
Graphene in lighting applications in the field of technology development is still in the growth stage, and the advantage of foreign companies are not obvious, domestic enterprises and research institutions, to strengthen investment, believe that there is a chance to catch up with foreign technology, in the future to gain a foothold in the market. 

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