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The strengths and weaknesses of the LED lighting lamps and lanterns

Thermal conductive parts: line board, caulking material, the shell material 
Cooling parts: shell design, surface design, surface material 
Next, small make up to sort out the advantages and disadvantages about these materials, you are welcome to join to discuss. 
Part of thermal conductivity 
Line board 
Glass fiber board 
Low cost, easy 
Without considering insulation characteristics 
Shall not apply to the heat sink with electrode design of leds 
Need to fill in tin perforation, increase process procedure 
Copper foil layer to increase the heat transfer efficiency 
Aluminum plate 
Generally accept degree is high 
Hardness is FR4 is high, and the heat dissipation casing thermal conductivity is better 
Electrical insulation is higher than glass fiber board 
High prices are FR4 
Is not in the substrate placed other electronic components 
Insulation thermal conductivity properties is not easy to master 
Copper substrate 
Far higher than that of aluminum plate thermal conductivity characteristics 
Pull up more easily than low calorific value, conduction temperature 
Has advantages of aluminum plate is the same 
Cost is high, the general design cannot apply 
With aluminum plate the same defect 
Caulking materials 
Thermal conductive paste 
Low cost, easy to use 
No specific processing technology 
Is not easy to uniform coating, easy to form bubbles 
Poor product stability for a long time, easy to cure, and curing 
After thermal cut off 
As easy to pollute other parts processing and increase the cost 

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