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LED downstream application demand is flourishing

As LED downstream application development and market penetration, stepping up lighting with high added value, small spacing, automotive LED display emerging markets will bring incremental space industry. Institutions are expected, due to the application requirements in the middle increases production assembly house to slow and expand the factors, such as LED prices or is expected to heat up in the future.
LED is a kind of can convert electric energy into light energy of semiconductor device, its energy saving, environmental protection, safety, long life, low power consumption and other advantages. From the point of the industrial chain, LED mainly includes the upstream chip manufacturing, middle encapsulation, and downstream applications. The downstream application consists of lighting, LED display, back light, decorative, automotive lighting, and other fields. The LED application is an important link in the whole industry chain with high added value.
Incandescent lamp was eliminated by rapid in recent years, the LED has become the mainstream of lighting light source. The current market of the largest LED downstream applications in lighting field, followed by a backlight application and display. The display scale stable growth, especially with small spacing LED display technology matures, LED display applications will gradually from the large size display gradually towards the indoor outdoor applications. Rapid expansion in the field of application of LED display in the downstream application in the industrial chain of further ascension.
In addition, the LED also expanded the application field to the medical diagnosis. Heriot-watt University, UK (Heriot Watt University), the study found a LED technology can detect early cataract, is expected to make early treatment of cataract patients, and reduce medical resources. At the same time bring convenience for human life for human being deal with the pain, which LED a qualitative leap in the field of application.
When popular science, flying up wisdom, the application of the LED is will infiltrate into all walks of life, in the downstream application demand, under the trend of the upstream industry will be in short supply, but at the same time, the quality of the LED to be reckoned with. Forms the core of the LED chip and circuit board as the carrier of the chip. Its efficiency directly determines the efficiency of the chip, which directly affect the effect of LED lighting and backlighting.
LED lighting and LED backlight products start development will drive the ceramic PCB leap. Ceramic circuit board as a representative of the new generation of PCB industry, compared with traditional materials, ceramic PCB has higher thermal conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient is more matching, small loss at high temperature resistant, is undoubtedly LED the market of choice in the future. At the same time in the first half of 2016 China entity channel LED permeability has exceeded 60%, double electric business channel LED sales growth, all of these to the ceramic PCB industry in our country market to lay a solid foundation for the onset of must be in the future in the field of LED.

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