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Soaring raw materials not originated from environmental storms

"The recent boom in raw materials, the main reason is that?"
"No master core raw material and technology in our country."
Zhongshan da Xiong Dazhang optical co., LTD., general manager in an interview with reporters, pointed out that hit home. With the recent can bring about environmental protection, a large number of enterprise was ordered to shut down, rectification, so that all kinds of raw materials and hardware components in short supply, get a clamour. Like the entire LED industry, on the one hand, LED enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges and difficulties; On the other hand, as the boom, transformation and upgrading of enterprise calls for more and more is also high.
In darfur division general manager Xiong Dazhang view, the fundamental problem lies in China did not grasp the core raw material base, China hasn't say on the material supply chain. "As the emperor to 2 million tons of demolition, plant production, material supply, prices soared, the whole industry is in a passive state. So China must breakthrough on the core technology and materials." Xiong Dazhang said earnestly.
As China's earliest engaged in LED optical design, mold design and production, the high precision optical dahl, since it was founded in 2009, the turnover has amounted to 80 million, and will be 10% a year on research and development. In many optical device factory around now, darfur has been explosive growth, just a few short years, has become a handful of leading players in the Chinese optical device.
Reporter: many optical device factory is facing survival predicament, and you are explosive growth, this difference in where?
Xiong Dazhang: first of all, we seize the opportunity. Dahl mainly has two core, is a technology, another is the team, after years of steady development now began to stride; At the same time, we will continue to invest, then will be more big, investment will be return.
On strategy, we will follow some of the light source manufacturer, radiator manufacturer or power supply manufacturers reached a strategic cooperation, common development. Such as osram, hand in hand Cree and philips to provide the overall solution of lamps and lanterns.
Reporter: why now big?
Xiong Dazhang: the market is for a person, can't wait for the market are up, to do again is late. Now is the golden age, also is our key to enlarge the market.
The future international market demand for Chinese LED accessories will rise sharply. International market demand of spare parts, on one hand, on the other hand, the international division of labor reshuffle, foreign enterprises will pick up the manufacturing, especially in places such as eastern Europe, South America, southeast Asia and North America. So the next international market will be our top priority.
Reporter: then do you have any plans?
Xiong Dazhang: we used to do as much, this year we will favour outdoor industry, such as street lamps, industrial and mining lamp, etc. Market, the focus will be on overseas.
Journalist: environmental storms have influence on will you?
Xiong Dazhang: to our influence is not very big, just packaging materials rise in price will be much, but we are plastic raw materials rise in price has nothing to do with environmental protection, associated with the RMB exchange rate. Because we use the acrylic are supply Germany and the United States, and use of PC material is imported from Japan and South Korea.
Environmental protection is also a good thing, to promote the industry reshuffle, pain and happy.
Reporter: if the price, the customer you agree?
Xiong Dazhang: we have not price with our customer, we are looking for ways to cut costs, will enhance the automation of production lines this year, and optimize the supply chain system, to reduce the cost.
After environmental storm can see this crisis, the Chinese LED enterprises to the development of both sides, there are technical competitive enterprises with brand will stand out, concurrently Evergrande trend more and more obvious; But not really set up independent of the supply chain, there is no overall brand premium ability of the enterprise, will probably be eliminated in this round of shuffling.
From the industry point of view, if the international giant deterrence in quality and in global supply chains, that China will cause quality for LED lighting enterprise, thus conduction to the whole supply chain, in the extreme passive state. The perfect and development of China's LED the whole industry chain is still a long way to go.

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