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2017 all the big the industry reshuffle, PCB boss how to survive

China as a world's second-largest economy, with a population of 1.4 billion, from an economic sense, a "big country economy" the changes to considerable impact on other economies in the world. In the past ten years has reflected very clearly.
2016 collapse of the traditional manufacturing industry, in 2017 the Internet bubble collapse. So business transformation is a top priority to reverse the crisis. Transition, the two words are related enterprise life and death. Especially large enterprises, with annual sales of $10 enterprises, rely on is the traditional sales channels and team, talk easy transition. Turn the move? Hard to do. Nokia's corporate culture, management norms, is the world's top patent innovation, but why disappear? The answer is simple, nokia was disappeared and the achievements of his time. Die not transformation, transformation in the fear of death, this is many enterprises in the struggle is the main reason for the transformation, timid is afraid of the end of the "death" is the only. Even if is dead, why don't you fight, the profit?
For the enterprise, there are two kinds of transformation:
The first kind, forced to transition, while concentrating on problem cannot solve, reversed transmission enterprise transformation, the transformation cost is very big, also is very painful, but not the operation must be death.
The second transition, is foreseen type transformation, is the enterprise leaders strategic insight ability strong, the entrepreneurs are scarce, such as IBM did sell PC business to lenovo, is near the worthless PC sold a high price in advance, IBM was finished ahead of transformation, has been very successful. But this kind of entrepreneurs in the world is rare.
Believe most of the PCB manufacturer and upstream and downstream industries are belong to the first, when the flood comes, to remember to disaster relief, the concept of no save for a rainy day.
In artificial cost, cost of raw materials under the trend of growing only, also hope to rely on bite a tooth proofed the past is not too realistic, this will only drag companies to more and more tired, tired, ending only exit the market, of course.
First of all, China has now entered the medium high income countries, ranking in global income levels compared to a substantial increase in twenty years ago. Than China's poorer economies in 1990, the world only 20 (measured by GDP per capita); And in the last year, a number that has more than 110. This means that, now more than 110 economies around the world have more than the Chinese labor cost advantage, domestic labor costs increase, have to make industrial enterprises use replace labor of science and technology innovation.
Second, the use of PCB industry are traditional copper clad, and circuit board prices the main reason is that the upstream copper clad, copper foil and other raw material prices continue to rise sharply, lead to high cost of the whole circuit board production, semi-serious also makes the downstream industry, in addition, the popularity of electronic products upgrading and increase the terminal market demand, this also support factor for the circuit board price is rising.
Then under the crisis-ridden grim situation, when not transformation, why not use of high-end technology to reduce or replace manual labor? Why must use copper clad? Ceramic substrates is bad?
Avant-garde entrepreneurs recognize industry already on the market situation, vision, breaking the previous sheet, use ceramic material of the circuit board, and the ceramic chip price did not increase, in this regard, the ceramic material used in the circuit board industry has greater advantages. And also using laser rapid activation metallization technology (LAM) technology, reduce labor costs, laser cutting grinding punch master, production cycle is fast, good heat dissipation effect. Easily solve the artificial cost and material cost, and also bring more value.
Under the condition of a chain reaction, the downstream industry in transition must not to choose the efficiency slow, general quality, the high cost of products, this is without a doubt to the traditional PCB manufacturer, so the transformation is imperative, the LAM technology specialized the production of ceramic PCB high-tech enterprises in the industry made a good example.

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