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Kindergarten lighting lamps should pay attention to the choice of nine

The choice of lamps is one of the basic content of lighting design, the choice of the right or not, directly affect the quality of lighting, economic performance and energy consumption. 1, in wet places, should adopt the corresponding protection grade waterproof lamps or waterproof lamp open lamp. In 2, corrosive gas or steam places, should use corrosion sealed lamps. If the use of open type lamps, each part should be anti corrosion or waterproof measures; 3, in high places, should adopt the heat dissipation performance is good, high temperature resistant. In 4, dust places, according to the corresponding protection grade dustproof suitable lamp. 5, used in a hammer, big bridge crane such as vibration, large swing place lamps, anti vibration and anti shedding measures should be. 6, in light susceptible to mechanical damage, light off on their own may cause injuries or property damage places, protective measures should be; 7, in the light explosion or fire hazards, should comply with the relevant provisions of the relevant national standards and norms. In 8, clean the place, should use not easy dust and easy to wipe clean the lamp. In 9, need to prevent the ultraviolet radiation of the place, should use every UV lamps or no purple light source.

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