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Home room power socket installation skills

1, living room (living room) is the main place for personnel on the use of electrical appliances, points, design should be based on the architectural decoration layout layout socket, and should ensure that each of the main wall has a power socket. If the wall length exceeds 3.6m should increase the number of sockets, the wall length is less than 3m, the power outlet can be set in the middle of the wall. The power supply socket is arranged at the side of the cable television terminal box and the computer socket, and an air conditioner power socket is arranged. , 2 bedroom should ensure that the two main walls are provided with symmetrical combined power socket, bed end wall on both sides of the bed should be set up and a combined power socket, air conditioning socket. In the cable TV terminal box and computer socket should be equipped with two groups of combined power socket, single bedroom only computer power socket. In addition, the study 3 placed bookcase wall, should ensure that the two main walls are equipped with combined power socket, and is equipped with air conditioner power socket and computer power socket. 4, kitchen should be based on the architectural decoration layout, in a different location, height set multiple power socket in order to meet the needs of lampblack machine, disinfection cabinet, microwave oven, electric cooker, electric water heaters, refrigerators and other equipment of the electric cooker. Refer to the stove, operating platform, the case table, washing table layout to select the best position to set the range hood, usually from the ground 1.8m ~ 2m. Electric water heater should be selected with 16A switch three wire socket and the right side of the water heater from the distance to 1.3m ~ 1.5m installation, pay attention not to put the socket above the electric heater. Other electric cooker socket between the cabinet below or above the operating table, set a different location, different height, the socket should be provided with a power indicator and switch. The kitchen should be equipped with a dedicated outlet socket, from the ground 0.3m ~ 1.5m installation. 5, is prohibited in the bathroom of the damp place such as shower or tub near set power socket, power supply socket and other regional settings should adopt the splash proof type. Outside the window, should be reserved for the exhaust fan or socket wiring box outside the window, because the exhaust air duct in the vicinity of the shower or bathtub in general, so the junction box or the socket should be installed above 1.8m. From the shower or tub is reserved 0.6m electric water heater socket and bidet with power socket. Set up a power supply socket for beauty and shaving on the toilet table, from 1.5m to 1.6m. Socket with switch and indicator light. 6, the balcony should be set single-phase combined power socket, ground 0.3m.

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